The Cohort: Reign of Winter

A play-by-post quest through Pathfinder's Reign of Winter Adventure Path!
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 Firyali Taya, Undine Ninja

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PostSubject: Firyali Taya, Undine Ninja   Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:25 am

Firyali Taya, Undine Ninja 1

Character Sheet

  • Firyali is an Undine, a being with the genetic influence of the Elemental Plane of Water flowing in her veins. Where in the family tree was that influence introduced? Thousands of years ago? Recently?
  • What was Firyali's childhood like? Did she grow up in a small village, a big city, isolated in the wilderness? Who are her family and closest friends?
  • Who is Firyali's greatest rival? How did the rivalry begin? How far would that person or organization go to bring about her downfall?
  • Ninja are trained to be discreet, efficient, and highly disciplined. What does Firyali's personal code of conduct consist of?
  • Who was Firyali's mentor in the arts of ninjitsu? Was she a lone apprentice, or part of a larger school? What was her training like
  • Firyali is an adherent of Gozreh, the dual-natured god/dess of nature, storms, seas, winds, and balance. How does Firyali work to maintain balance in the world? Is balance a natural state that the world always moves toward, or do people such as ninja need to work behind the scenes to preserve balance?
  • What are Firyali's biggest life goals? How does she want to challenge herself?
  • How did Firyali wind up in the adventuring life?
  • What are Firyali's three most important personal beliefs?
  • What character flaws are likely to cause trouble for Firyali?
  • What does Firyali secretly fear, even in times of peace?
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Firyali Taya, Undine Ninja
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