The Cohort: Reign of Winter

A play-by-post quest through Pathfinder's Reign of Winter Adventure Path!
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 Halmier Northstone, Dwarf Fighter

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PostSubject: Halmier Northstone, Dwarf Fighter   Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:05 pm

Halmier Northstone, Dwarf Fighter 1

Character Sheet
Spell List

  • Halmier grew up in Maheto, a small town at the edge of the World's End Mountains in northern Taldor. What was life like there? Was the town mainly a Dwarven settlement, or did you encounter many other races and backgrounds there?
  • Who's in Halmier's family, immediate and extended? How does he feel about them?
  • Who is Halmier's greatest rival? How did the rivalry begin? How far would that person or organization go to bring about his downfall?
  • Halmier left Maheto to pursue a stolen family relic before it crossed national borders. What is the relic purported to be able to do? How did the Northstone family come to possess it? What is its spiritual significance?
  • Halmier learned a great deal from his brother--his skill with a longsword and somewhat agnostic devotion to Iomedae included. What is Halmier's brother's name, and where is he now?
  • Halmier has a bit of a drinking problem. Is he drinking to forget? Is it a cultural norm? What's his favorite beverage?
  • What are Halmier's biggest life goals? How does he want to challenge himself in life?
  • What are Halmier's three most important personal beliefs?
  • What character flaws are likely to cause trouble for Halmier?
  • What does Halmier secretly fear, even in times of peace?
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Halmier Northstone, Dwarf Fighter
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